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Re: Recommend a humbucker!

Postby ThrashCoreFanatic on Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:24 am

I always preferred DiMarzio's by miles to Seymour Duncans, they're warmer and fater sounding yet retaining very high output and tight low end.

DiMarzio Super Distortion = is classic high output 80's tone
DiMarzio Super II = See Super Distortion but tighter lows
DiMarzio X2N = Awesome ultra high output metal tone, not very good at cleans
DiMarzio Michael Scheker customs = Best alances DiMarzio I ever had, high output but very clear and articulate, good at cleans too. Not shure wether you can just buy these.

I never liked active PU's like EMG's with modern high gain amps, they seem to over compress your tone and sound very artificial and undynamic. EMG's sound good with lower gain amps (like Marshall JCM 800's) ecause that's were they were actually designed for, slamming and overdriving the pre amp of the lower gain 80's amps.

there's also other good PU's, Bill lawrende L 500 XL (very sensitive to which guitar you put them in), bare Knuckles (expensive!).
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