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Postby Gary-lee on Wed Jan 13, 2010 4:45 am

Sufosia is a Croatian thrash/heavy metal band founded by Davor Garašić and Ozren Futivić in 2006. Later that year Vedran Hochberger and Matko Staudacher joined the band. In 2009. Tomislav Ivković took Vedran's place on the guitar. The first concert was held in February 2007, and since then Sufosia has had dozens of gigs/concerts in Croatia and a few in neighbouring countries (Hungary and Slovenia), and also appeared in a few TV and radio shows.
We have released a five-song demo EP called "Chaotic Dreams" in late 2007. and two new singles "Tea" and "Pain" at the end of 2008.
We've played on several festivals, including Metalcamp '09 (SLO).
We are currently working on new material and hope to get an full-length album out by spring 2010!
Band line up: Davor Garašić - guitar and vocals, Tomislav Ivković - guitar, Ozren Futivić - bass, Matko Staudacher - drums

This is a preview on what to expect from our new album (teaser): It's a solo part from "Inspiration Breakdown",

An instrumental played live on Croatian national TV. "Tea"

And for hardcore fans...our "Megadeth - Hangar 18 cover ":D

This is one of our older live shows with our former guiterist Vedran. It's an instrumental called "The Christmas prayer"
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Re: Sufosia

Postby Gary-lee on Tue Mar 15, 2011 11:20 pm


Our album "Inspiration Breakdown" is finally out!
The album contains 11 tracks:

1. Even In My Darkest Days
2. Racking Me
3. Tea
4. Sufosia
5. Inspiration Breakdown
6. Polar Lullaby
7. Park
8. Room of Mirrors
9. Pain
10. Tears of Christ
11. Twisted Smile

Total playtime: ~50 min.

Recorded at Top studio (Zagreb, Croatia).
Produced, mixed and mastered by Marko Josipovic.
Music by Sufosia.
Lyrics by Davor Garasic.
Label: Logic Entertainment.
Copyright 2011 Sufosia.

Orders: orders(at)sufosia.com
Contact: contact(at)sufosia.com
Booking: booking(at)sufosia.com

Here's our album's title song:
Sufosia - Inspiration Breakdown
(Watch in HD for the best sound quality)

Check out some other of our songs on our websites:
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Re: Sufosia

Postby Gary-lee on Thu Dec 13, 2012 8:41 am

Here's a snippet of our brand new song "MY RAGE".
Recorded in Sufosia studios, mixed and mastered in Subscalar Studios,
video by Robert Bolger (DVS Artist Management).
More audio samples to come...

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